Well, it’s been a busy few months. February came and went, I directed my last race in North Carolina, and fast forward 6 months we have a retail business open and I’m learning how to manage running a “store”, managing a team of employees, marketing a new business, feeding my family, trying to be a good wife, and squeezing in a little time to work out. Want to know my secret… read on!

My big secret… I’m not doing it all at the same time. Which is so not my style… I like to have a full plate as I get more done with deadlines and urgency. Our grocery store has some amazing pre-prepared meals (HEB Meal Simple) that my family loves – after all, it’s about who eats the meal with you, not who prepared it. The alarm goes off at 5:00am every morning during the school year so my workouts are done by 6:15am so I can make sure I check the “me” box. That also means by 10pm most night I have to be asleep… yes, somethings just don’t get done. I am aware of that. Sleep is mandatory for me.

But so is my health. Running is my recharging time and I’ve managed to get in a few good bike rides too. Nothing I would count as training, just exercising. BUT I require training. Exercising to me is working out/running/riding without a goal in sight. The purpose may be to clear my mind, recharge mentally, allow me a little extra splurge sometime without the guilt but it’s not training for a race. I am an athlete and require competition. NOT competition against another person, but competition against what I have done before, what my mind thinks it can do and challenging my body to keep up.

So, I’m putting my money on the table – that’s what I have to do! I completed the Cypress Tri in Bridgeland for my 2nd year at that race (about 20 years after I started racing!) and my time was about the same within seconds. In 2020, I go into a new age bracket and I am determined to make sure that my time is faster – by a few minutes. The big goal is to get another Ironman or Ultramarathon done in 2020… but baby steps. Running this business is pretty time consuming and right now, pleasantly exhausting.

Let’s get to the training… it’s time to pull those tracking sheets back out and set some goals. Starting back with the Mileage Builder and my Plank Challenge. And it starts today… not tomorrow… why are you going to wait for tomorrow. The first day is always easy so just do it, do it now, do it today. Print off a tracking sheet, post it on your fridge (I put mine at my desk), and hold yourself accountable. Read back about incentives if you need some extra motivation!

Motivation that lasts has to come from within – sure, you can have a coach tell you what to do, but you have to want to do it if it’s going to work! Find your motivation and do this for yourself. Your health and level of wellness is the ultimate Do-It-Yourself project. JUST DI (Y)!