We need to mix it up! It’s almost spring, but not quite. I am able to get a few good runs in but need more. Time to change it up and throw my workouts in the blender and change it up!

So here’s a little challenge that I’ve put together until I get my act together to create the build up for the Chad WOD (1000 continuous step ups with a weighted vest).

  • 100 Steps Ups
  • 100 Squats
  • 50 Overhead Presses
  • 50 Curls (each arm so 100 total)
  • 50 Tricep Extensions/Kick Backs (each arm so 100 total)

It’s nothing fancy but enough to be able to get done quickly through the day and still feel strong. The catch, for me, is each exercise must be completed in it’s entirety – I can’t do 50 step ups and then take a break – and it must be done every single day. No excuses!

I am also pairing this with 2-3 days of running 3-4 miles each day or (getting on my bike for the same amount of time) and a longer run of 5-8 miles on the weekend. Once it warms up the long runs will be traded for a long bike! Yay for getting to ride more!

When the quantity of an exercise starts to feel too easy I’m going count how many I have to do to get to my push point, and then do a few more. That will be my new quantity going forward.

But let’s break it down with some notes about each exercise.

100 Step Ups
Using a box that is about knee level high (or you can use a stable bench, chair, low wall in your yard, etc.). Notice which foot you start with and do the first half of the step ups with that leg starting, then do the last 50 with your other leg starting out. If you have a weighted vest and want to add that for another challenge go ahead. Be sure to keep your head and chest upright – do not lean forward! And if the box is so high that your thigh is no longer parallel to the ground when you step up, find a smaller step!

100 Squats
There are so many different kinds of squats you can do! So why not mix them all up and do them here. Need some ideas? Here you go.

  • Basic deep knee squat
  • Sumo/plie squats
  • Squat + side kick (keeping your torso upright not leaning sideways)
  • Sumo + roundhouse kick alternating legs
  • Squat jump
  • Bounce squats (squat down then hold and do a small bounce for 1-2-3 then up, repeat squat hold bounce 1-2-3)
  • Squat + reverse leg lift alternating legs
  • Ski Jump squat: feet and knees together

And don’t forget about motivation! My motivation is the amazing desserts that my Mary Poppins-like walking/challenge buddy can make. Once this challenge is successfully completed I am going to be requesting a sampling of her finest English Shortbread. Let’s do this!

As with everything, make sure you are fit before you do this challenge. This isn’t designed for someone just getting off the sofa and I’m not a doctor. I am currently watching New Amsterdam so I am learning more excellent medical knowledge to add to my concurrent 9 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy I got to watch back in 2012. I’m full of useless Netflix and Hulu trivia but not medical knowledge. I just know what I know from training my own body since it was a teenager (that was a while ago).