I went into December knowing it was going to be busy. Holidays were one thing but so was the pushup – turned plank challenge, building my mileage, and also wanting to get in some more body-weight exercises regularly.

I’m burnt out on a gym (and don’t want to pay the $$ right now). BUT I can walk out my door and run and can usually find 20-30 minutes to do a workout in my house. Thankful that I have a little book of workouts that has 12-weeks or workouts I can do at home (bodyboss.com – I may not look like the girls in the book again but I do love the workouts!).

So my current challenges:

I’m reaching a tipping point as my mileage is going up and the planks are getting harder and the kids are still home… trying to get 3 challenges in each day is getting harder and harder to do.

My conclusion – 2 challenges at a time is about all my brain and schedule can handle. I’m only 2 weeks away from being done with my plank challenge so I am going to push through and accomplish this one. Then I’ll just be building mileage and on non-running days doing my body-weight exercises.

Nothing earth shattering here but just some awareness for y’all out there. Before you go all-in and take on more than you can maintain, start one challenge. THEN a few weeks in if you want to add another do so. Then when the first challenge is over if you want to switch that out for another… go for it. If you really are an over-achiever then take on that 3rd challenge but maybe don’t make it a daily challenge so you can have an “off” day when life calls for one.

Carry on and keep challenging yourself!!