Well that depends on what you mean by “sick”.
Sick like runny nose because it’s allergy season?
Sick as in a sore throat maybe from allergies, but maybe not…
Sick as fever and a general need to stay asleep?

My rule of thumb if it’s above the neck, what the heck… get your workout in and push through it. BUT if it’s below the neck (throat, aches, fever, etc.) then I let my body rest.

We can’t get into WHY you got sick – but anytime your training increases more than you are used to doing it can take your system a while to adjust. Your immune system is weakened when your body is being worked hard and you are just more likely to get sick – whether that is allergies, a cold, a virus, etc.

I have had more than a few friends who will push through illnesses and keep with their same training program. These are usually the people who are constantly tired, have mediocre performance gains, and stay a little sick for a long while.

I had such awesome plans of starting to get my mileage back up and day after – bam – strep throat for me and my youngest. So I ended up putting that week of running back and started it this week. I would have LOVED to go out on a run but knew that I needed the rest. However, as I did have my pushup challenge going on too I knew that I could managed to squeeze in pushups without causing my body any added stress.

When Saturday came around and a 6-mile run was ahead of me I was chomping at the bit to get outside and run. BUT I was still feeling really tired so I let my body rest and my run Monday was wonderful! The road missed me and I missed the road!

Allowing my body an extra few days of rest was ahhhhh-mazing and I can’t wait to hit the road Wednesday, Friday and Saturday with my most favorite running buddy, Stella.

Your body has so many voices inside it – the social voice may tell you to go join in on the group run; the lazy voice may tell you to just stay in your jammies and do absolutely nothing; the guilty voice may tell you all about the negative consequences of not doing that workout. But ultimately, you need to find the voice of logic – the one that helps you work towards your goal every step of the way.

For me that’s the voice that I choose to listen to… most of the time!