Positive reinforcement works for kids ages 1-100!

I have a tendency to make all my rewards food-based… Is that bad? Maybe, maybe not – but it works for me.

As a personal growth area I am making it a point to not create all food-based rewards. Sometimes it’s a silly think like allowing myself the treat of a new hair product so I can take a long shower, blow out and fix my hair. Since I live in my running clothes and don’t always have to “be seen” every day this is a treat for me. Perhaps if I did it more it wouldn’t take so long but that’s my reality. Figure out what is YOUR treat and make sure it’s something that will take care of YOU! It’s YOUR reward!

What’s your currency?
Sweet treats: Indulge in something small. 1 Reese’s PB cup, a small scoop of ice cream or frozen yogurt, 1 cookie, 1 small cupcake, and at the end a regular sized cupcake. Gigi’s Cupcakes are my favorite! BUT if you have a weakness and can’t stop at a single treat then find something else to reward yourself with!

Shopping: new socks, new accessory or gear item, new top new bottom (pants, shorts, leggings), new shoes.

Social Hour: Each reward day pull some money out of your wallet and at the end of the month go out! Girls night, guys night, date day, solo hour… call it what you will – take some time and treat yo’ self!

Your reward needs to keep you on track with your goals. Not necessarily your goal for this challenge but your goals for each day. Are you trying to be gluten free? Cutting out sugar? Don’t use an incentive that will sabotage any other area of your life – including your finances. I’m a Target shopper for life so adding an outfit to my wardrobe through a challenge would end up costing me around $50-60 for the month.

You may not NEED a reward!
I’ve found that the more challenges I do the less I require the reward! When I have a good accountability buddy the need for the reward almost completely goes away!

If I am doing a challenge by myself then the rewards become more important to keep me focused.

And if you have amazing friends, like I do (see the 3 Wonder Women) tell them what you are doing! They are great at holding you accountable and making sure that you do what you said you would! Being their friend is quite a reward!