We are here to Pump… You Up! Name that skit… 

Here’s a challenge that is fun to do multiple months a year. The 5+5 pushup challenge was brought to me by a friend (Mr. A. P. – thank you very much!) and I was captivated.

The tracking sheets are below – you have 2 options if you need it to line up with the number of days in each month. Pick the 30 or 31 day tracker. But again, don’t wait for the first day of the month to start – just pick a challenge and DO IT NOW! Here’s how it goes…

  • Day 1: 5 pushups. Done, that’s it.
  • Day 2: 10 pushups. Done, not so bad.
  • Day 3: 15 pushups. Ok. Still not so bad. …
  • Day 31: 155 pushups. That took some work! Rockstar status achieved!

Reward yourself along the way! 
The colored squares on the chart are your REWARD days! Read my post about rewarding yourself… Sometimes you need motivation along the way besides just getting to the end of the challenge. If you need a reward then take it! If that’s not your motivator then just enjoy the pretty squares on your chart.

Each time I do this challenge I change it up.
The first few days I can get the pushups done in a single set. Once I get past about 20 then I have to break it up into multiple sets. By the last day I’m doing multiple sets of pushups throughout the day – in my kitchen before breakfast, in my office between calls, on the sidewalk during my run/walk with my Ernie (he just watches… thinks we’re all crazy).

The first time I did this challenge I did all the pushups on my knees because that’s all I could do. They weren’t cheater pushups – don’t be ashamed. They were the best form pushups I was capable of. Then the 2nd time I did the challenge I started each day doing as many full pushups as I could (some days only 5-7) and I did the rest on my knees. Now, on my 3rd time I’m committed to doing them ALL as real pushups. I am having to do more sets as I am currently on day 14 and can do 20 each set. BUT I’m getting it done.

My favorite part of a challenge? Having an accountability buddy. One of my friends, Jo (she’s a modern day Mary Poppins!), and I have sent each other messages through the day making sure we get it done. BECAUSE we have each other we’ve both been consistent and guess what… consistency creates change.

My why for the pushup challenge: I need to get my upper body strength up and this is also a good way to get my core ready for my personal December challenge!

My disclaimer: I am not an orthopedic doctor or physical therapist (however, in one of my jobs as a magazine production manager I’ve read more than my share of articles by Physical Therapists!). Listen to your body – there is a difference between discomfort and pain. Learn and acknowledge the difference. Discomfort = growth but pain = Dr or PT visit!

Oh and the skit… Hans and Franz. Love the old days of SNL!