December Focus: Finishing the Pushup Challenge, Building Mileage, Starting the Core Challenge

I’ll be finishing up my Pushup Challenge with my push up buddy, Jo. The day that ends I’ll be jumping right into the Plank Challenge which will take me through mid-January.

I’m continuing to focus on increasing my mileage as I’m registered to do the Bridgeland 10 Miler on January 13, 2019 as part of the Texas 10 series. For all my Texas friends they have a 5K and a 5-miler so come run with me. Run local and if you can’t run then volunteer!

Here is the Mileage Builder that I’m going to be following. I’ll do a separate post about building mileage up. For me, I’m just increasing the total mileage 10% each week and the run in January will be a training run – not looking for a PR just a fun long run.

Things to note about this plan:

  • It’s a 7-week build with no “down” weeks because there is always one week that life just goes crazy. I will listen to my body and my family schedule and somewhere during this plan I’ll take a 50% week. This is where I will do the runs on the correct days but only half the miles of the week before. I like to keep this “half week” flexible so that it can adapt to my life. With a husband who travels and 3 kids there is always going to be a week where my running plan is harder to work into my life. That will be the week that turns into a half-week. Then it will have been an 8-week build up program.
  • On the “off days” I won’t be running – at all! Walking or bike riding or swimming (our hood has a heated outdoor pool open to my use 24×7!). That’s another post to come – NOT overtraining – major soapbox for me there so be warned.
  • Days are only somewhat flexible. I’m a firm believer in the mid-week long’ish run and that will always happen mid-week. I don’t usually run 2 days in a row (unless I’m doing the 5k-a-Day) so I pair my shortest run to happen right before my long run. The distance isn’t usually enough to wear my legs out and then I am guaranteed a rest day after my long run.  If I need to do my long run on Sunday instead of Saturday the I would adjust to allow the day after my long run to be a rest day. Allow rest!

What are my rewards?
Each week at the weekend I will reward myself with something very small when I meet my mileage. Since it’s the holiday season my reward is likely going to be a Starbucks Caramel Apple Cider – it’s like apple pie in a cup! BUT after I complete the mileage builder my reward will likely be some new running shoes in a very pretty color!