Looking for a new challenge to keep you motivated to move this month?

The 5K-a-day challenge will give you the goal of moving every day – whether it’s running, easy jogging, or walking – MOVE your body. It’s amazing how our bodies can adapt when our mind embraces something new.

For those of you with a mild case of OCD I have 2 tracking charts (click on the images below): one with 30 days and one with 31 to line up with the days of a month. But don’t wait for the beginning of the month to start something new. DO IT NOW!

This challenge is all about consistency. Consistency creates change. If you want to kick a habit or create a new positive habit you have to do something over and over and over. It takes 3 weeks for it to feel “normal”.

I’ve heard the excuses about not having time. You are right – most of us don’t have time. You have to create time and make different decisions. Waking up early is hard, but if that’s the only time you have, then 45-minutes in the early morning hours may need to be YOUR time.

Think about your reason for doing this challenge. Keep asking yourself WHY until you get down to the root reason for wanting this. It needs to be about YOU.

My WHY changes daily. Lately it’s been to catchup with my favorite Podcasts (As of Nov 28 2018: Serial, Ask a Manager, Happy Face, Stuff You Should Know, and How I Built It).

So get out there – start moving and do it consistently. And PS bad weather isn’t an excuse… there’s no such thing as bad weather – just insufficient attire. Say blah to the “too hot or too cold excuse!

My disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor (however, I did watch 9 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy in a row during my maternity leave so I definitely know when to push 1 of epi) – but I digress. Listen to your body – there is a difference between discomfort and pain. Learn and acknowledge the difference. Illness trumps everything for me… if you get derailed with a cold or a real illness, your immune system is weak and taxing it with a challenge like this is going to take longer for your body to recover. Your body needs to rest. Give yourself a few days and then start over. It’s better to get well and then get started again.