Coming at you from Texas!

I’ve had lots of requests for my “challenge trackers”. I’ll be posting them here as well as sharing what I do to get and stay motivated. Trying to keep spreading the Miles Into Smiles love that blossomed so nicely in North Carolina.

Spread the word, share the love then get moving and stay moving!

Sending Texas hugs to all y’all!

Getting back to Training… not just exercising

Well, it’s been a busy few months. February came and went, I directed my last race in North Carolina, and fast forward 6 months we have a retail business open and I’m learning how to manage running a “store”, managing a team of employees,...

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Blender Challenge

We need to mix it up! It’s almost spring, but not quite. I am able to get a few good runs in but need more. Time to change it up and throw my workouts in the blender and change it up! So here’s a little challenge that I’ve put together until I get my...

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Planks… done & back to double digit runs!

I am happy to report that I am done with my plank challenge. That is the greatest news I have heard in a while 🙂 Man – that challenge is tough. Which means that I will be doing it again and again until it’s not as hard. It didn’t start getting really...

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My favorite podcasts!

I often use my time running to zone out, enjoy looking around my neighborhood, and just enjoy hearing stories. If I can’t run with my NC running buddies (R, R, M, K, S, T ugh) this is the next best thing!

What I Wear

Luckily with my job I get to live in my running clothes! Here are some of my favorites:

Since 2008, Miles Into Smiles donated over $400,000 to our charities. My races focused on the details to make a simple event a great event while remembering the reason… Turning Miles Into Smiles.

With my move to Texas my events are being managed by FS Series. LOVE THOSE GUYS! Keep Turning Miles Into Smiles – visit and look for the Run in The Forest series!

Just wanted to say that all of your volunteers were awesome!  Thanks for a great event!



The Smile Train Tri was a great event. This was my second year, I drove all the way from Columbia, SC. What an upbeat crowd. My favorite part of the race was you blasting past me on your bike and yelling “Have a great day !” that was super.



10 years ago I had no idea that my little fun runs and triathlon would be the fundraising and community building machine that it has become. Year upon year we have more sponsors and athletes connected to the cause. The energy on race day is amazing and the charitable nature of these events is very real! Become a part Turning Miles Into Smiles as an athlete, sponsor or volunteer!

Rebecca Warriner

Race Director, Miles Into Smiles, LLC